Order your 2023-24 yearbook online now!

The 2023-24 MRHS yearbook is $55.  

The first 50 copies ordered online will get free personalization on the front cover. Orders are made exclusively online.  Click here to order yours today!


Submit your photos to the yearbook via email, but preferably via the link below!

Throughout the year, if you (students or family members) are at a school event and you grab a shot that you think would be great for the yearbook, email the image (& description) to

We would love to see your pics!


Submit your photos to the yearbook via the UpLoadIt App!

This is a new tool that will make yearbook life easier collecting images amongst all our co-horts, teams and groups at MRHS.

Students will need this Validation Code- 298158  to activate the App. The App works with both Apple and Android.  And it’s complimentary!

Check out this video for help downloading the app: UpLoadIt: Yearbook Photos On The Go

How To



Previous Yearbooks

Most previous yearbooks (from the last 10 years) may also still be available for sale. Please contact the main office.


Grad Info

In order to appear in the yearbook and the wall class composite grads must have their picture taken by Heckbert Studio. If a student misses the opportunity to have their photo taken at the school, they can contact Heckbert™ for a studio appointment. This will be free of charge, just ask for a yearbook shot.  See separate link for grad photo information